I am a current student of Columbia University, LEDE program.

I have mastered several languages including Chinese, English, Spanish and even Shanghainese, which allow me to not only interact better with people from different countries and places, but also understand better the culture and history from these languages. Just like the language, suitable way of representation enhances reading experience of readers.

In primary school I took part of composition competitions where I started to find the most effective and efficient way to tell a story. Later I learned Photoshop to make posters, Premiere to edite videos. For me, all of these are tools that help communicating the story I want to tell.

Luckily, during my graduate study in University of Miami, I’ve had the opportunity to take statistics courses as well as data visualization courses, where I learned that there is observation of data and mastered the tools to help communicating the story in a better way.

In 2015, I made several projects with Illustrator and d3 regarding different topics such as homelessness, Captain America, Sea Level Rise, and Under Five Mortality Rate.

In 2016, I learnt to do 3d using Maya, corporating with the study from RSMAS school of the university, we made a project about shark protection.

In daily life, travelling around the World is always my biggest dream. I like to see magnificent sceneries, taste international cuisines and meet people and listen to their stories. Afterall, we live in this World when we love it.