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Culture, the complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society, serves as the spirit of human existance.
Groups of people generate the culture of a city, and then the culture itself becomes a kind of symbol that different that city from others.
From Tokyo to New York, large cities are houses for millions of people from different background, countries, and history. The World Cities Culture Forum collected data of 33 cities around the world and the cultural life within those cities, allowing us to have a better understanding of those large cities in a distinct perspect.
Let's have a look of the data and see which city is best for you?

The research collected the data of the cultural life in large cities, including infrastructures such as restaurants, cinemas, clubs, as well as welcomeness of international students and percentage of foreign born. Click on the button bellow to see the comparison between cities in corresponding area.

Cities vary a lot in different cultural aspects. Are you interested in any of the mentioned cities? Click on the bubbles below and scroll down to next page to explore more details of them or visit the link to get more information about the forum.

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Area size: sq/km
GDP: $ million


Green area percentage:
world heritage:
historical sites:
national museums:


art galleries:
concert halls:
club & discos:
restaurants: | michelin restaurants:


foreign born percentage:
international tourists per year:
international students:

Celebration and festivals

film festival:
film celebration:
theatrical performance:
dance performance:


population in city percentage: %
income per capita: $
visit of art exhibition:
education level(with degree level or higher) percentage:
cinema ticket per capita: $
attendance of carnival:

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