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10 Most Useful Wellness Gifts You'll Enjoy Forever

Everyone is sure to fall in love with our top wellness gifts.
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If you're starting to work on your holiday shopping list, you know it can be quite challenging to pick out just the right items for all of your loved ones. One great idea is to gift something they will actually use and genuinely enjoy long after the wonderful chaos of the holiday season is over. This type of gift is always a welcomed treat because it encourages self-pampering "me time." Eat This, Not That! rounded up some of the absolute best, most useful wellness gifts to add to your cart when shopping for loved ones and even yourself!

Some of these items are staples you or your loved one will enjoy forever, while others will get you started on a wellness journey—and have you coming back for more. Read on to see our most useful wellness gifts, and when you're done, be sure to check out People Swear by the '3-2-1' Method for a Slim Waist: 'Changed My Life'.

Beam Dream

dream powder, concept of useful wellness gifts
$76 at Beam
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Give the gift of "hot chocolate" to be enjoyed in front of a warm fire on a cozy winter evening. To sweeten it up even more this season, order the White Chocolate Peppermint or Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Beam flavor. The wonderful thing about Beam's Dream Powder is it's a supplement that's curated to help you get an all-around better night's rest. In fact, according to the brand's website, 93% of participants reported Dream helped them achieve better sleep and wake up the next day feeling rejuvenated.

Your loved one will be hooked on Beam's Dream Powder after just one sip—so much so that they'll likely make it a staple part of their nighttime routine!

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Masktini's Hush Money Intensive Restorative Crème

Masktini creme, concept of useful wellness gifts
$120 at Masktini
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To gift someone TLC to protect their skin this winter and beyond, consider Masktini's variety of skincare products. The brand's "Hush Money" Intensive Restorative Cream, for instance, is a daytime and nighttime facial moisturizer that works on every type of skin as an "anti-aging skin barrier." It contains vitamin C, the brand's "all-natural retinal alternative," and a hydrator made from plants. This product is used to achieve a firm, radiant complexion.

Free Spirit Minis Set

free spirit minis, concept of useful wellness gifts
$69 at Apothékary
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How about updating your loved one's daily routine with an aesthetically pleasing, stress-reducing tincture set from Apothékary? This herbal alcohol alternative collection features three mini bottles of the brand's bestselling spirit-free tinctures: Take the Edge Off™, Rosé-Tinted Glasses™, and Wine Down™. The set also comes packaged with a gold spoon so mocktails can be mixed in style. Each formula is meant to promote total-body goodness, such as skin nourishment, relaxation, body tension reduction, and mood lifting.

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Knit Weighted Blanket

knit blankets, concept of useful wellness gifts
$257 at Nuzzie
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Give the gift of cozy this holiday season with Nuzzie's Knit Weighted Blanket. After all, winters were made for cuddling up on the couch under a massive blanket and streaming binge-worthy flicks. A weighted blanket is an ideal companion to have in your corner, as the brand notes it can help soothe stress, decrease anxiety, and promote a better night's rest.

NuFACE's MINI+ Starter Kit

NuFace mini kit
$175 at NuFACE
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If your loved one always stays up-to-date on the latest skincare products and devices, consider gifting them NuFACE's MINI+ Starter Kit. They can sculpt, lift, and pamper their facial skin and neck, smooth fine lines, and enhance cheek contour when traveling or on the go. This nifty device, along with its silk créme and gel, is a must-have in any cosmetic bag.

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My Girl Wellness's Eat Your Heart Out Supplements

supplements bottle
My Girl Wellness
$36 at My Girl Wellness
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'Tis the season to indulge in holiday delights like pumpkin pie, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, and gingersnaps. My Girl Wellness is here to help beat the holiday bloat with the brand's Eat Your Heart Out Supplements. They make for the ideal stocking stuffer to help your loved one kick digestive bloating to the curb as they enjoy their holiday favorites.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long

Dyson airwrap
$600 at Dyson
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Wellness is feeling great inside and out—that includes hair care. The hype surrounding Dyson's hair styling products is real. This gift is certainly a bit of a splurge, but the quality is well worth the price tag. Dyson's Airwrap Complete Long comes with all the essentials for a salon-worthy blowout, helping to tame flyaways and style lavish locks, making hair styling way more fun.

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Solawave's 4-in-1 Radiant Renewal Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy

$169 at Solawave
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Your loved one can test out red light therapy with Solawave's 4-in-1 Radiant Renewal Skincare Wand. This handy beauty tool can decrease the appearance of blemishes, dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. It will also help revitalize their skin, and it's seamless to work into their daily skincare routine. The brand shares that customers will see results by using the want three minutes each day, three times a week.

Hyperice's Venom Go

venom go
$99 at Hyperice
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This cool on-the-go device will give you a heated massage no matter where you're off to. Hyperice's "heat and vibration wearable" offers nine combos of vibration and heat to help alleviate muscle soreness quickly. Rough day at the gym? Your loved one can easily soothe muscle discomfort on their way home by positioning the Venom Go exactly where they want to feel relief.

Kroma's 5-Day Reset

$395 at Kroma
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Last but not least on this list of the most useful wellness gifts is a reset. Kickstarting the holiday season with a detox—or simply doing a detox every now and then whenever you need to get back on track—is everything. Whether you buy this for yourself or gift it to someone special, it will truly be a self-care favorite. Kroma's 5-Day Reset is filled with nine nutrient-dense, filling beverages and meals that easily fit into a busy lifestyle and have been proven to promote better sleep, debloating, sustained weight loss, and better digestion.

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