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Airbnb, the online peer-to-peer marketplace that enables people to list or rent short-term lodging in residential properties founded in 2008, has become one of people's prior choice while travelling in recent years. It has over 2,000,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 191 countries.
There are 19,248 listings in Manhattan, counting half of all in New York City. Most of the listing are located in the East side of downtown area and west side of midtown, close to Time Squares.
The large amount of airbnbs in the city representing the popularity of this kind of living experience among tourists. Living in the apartment allow visitors have an experience as they live in the city, and thus get closer to the city culture as well as the people who lives here.
About three quaters of the hosts own only one place in the listing, and less then 1,000 own more then 10. Most of the hosts does not make this for living, but for having an available room for a short term. For instance, international students go back home during summer holiday, and their apartments would be left with a high rent, so they're now able to post the apartment on Airbnb site and do a short-term rent without leaving the apartment empty for two to three month.


Most of listing in Manhattan area has the price between 100 dollars to 200 dollars, which is higher than the price of the whole New York City area in general.
The distribution of price range is also very evident. The rent in Uptown area northern than the Central Park is much lower than other boroughs. And although there're fewer listings in the Upper West side, the rent there is nevertherless competitive.
The whole price range is closely affected by the overall rate in Manhattan.

Price range in New York City

Price range in Manhattan


Among the twenty thousands listing of Airbnbs in Manhattan, more than half of which are for 1 to 2 guests like single visitors or couples, one bed accordingly. Another 4 thousands of them are for 3 to 4 guests, 2 beds, mainly for those travel with whole family or several friends.
In terms of room type, entire home and apartments are the most favorables, the second choice are private rooms. This is very understandable as while we're travelling, people prefer to have their private space instead of sharing with others.

Room type

Ratings and Reviews

The rating distribution is not quite obvious according to it's location as the previous two. But we can see that in the East side of downtown, the area that has most Airbnbs, has a relatively low rating.
Most of the listings are quite new, or has few availability as the number of reviews is only 1 to 10, which represents the characteristic of Airbnb.

Rating range

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