Hello! I'm Zhizhou Wang

I currently work with Equinox Fitness as operational research and data visualization designer. Joined as the first data visualization specialist, I started my life here designing and creating the first large-scaled company-wide d3.js dashboard. The dashboard serves from club managers to corporate executives with detailed operational and business data. Since its launch in 2018, it has grown into a indispensable multi-dimensional tool with more than 200 unique users and 500 pagesviews everyday. We havemaps0 built a series of dashboards that supports different level of employees with various dimensions of information.

As a graduate of the LEDE program, Columbia University School of Journalism, I have made my career focusing on data analysis, data visualization and multimedia storytelling. I have covered the Olympics record breaking history, gun control regulation and feasibility problem, cultural life in large cities and Airbnb in Manhattan during these two semestes.

I got to know data visualization during my graduate study in University of Miami. Professor Alberto Cairo, my instructor, enlightened me in this area. Under his instruction, I made several projects with Illustrator and d3 regarding different topics such as homelessness, Captain America, Sea Level rise in Miami-Dade area, and the relationship between female education and children mortality rate.

However, my interest in storytelling started even earlier. In primary school I took part of the national wide composition competition and was honored the third price, this was where I started to find the most effective and efficient way to tell a story. Later I learned Photoshop to make posters, Premiere to edite videos. For me, all of these are tools that help communicating the story I want to tell.

In daily life, travelling around the World is always my biggest dream. I like to see magnificent sceneries, taste international cuisines and meet people and listen to their stories. Afterall, we live in this World when we love it.

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